How to Discover & Create

Nothing sad is real.

Nothing Past is real.

Only real is real is the Now.


When I want to discover clarity and create future manifestations, this trick can help.

(Well,It’s not really a “trick”, it’s more of a tool… but we like the way “trick” feels)

-If I am stuck in a “memory” of the past that is painful – I try to identify the feeling first (fear, anger, panic) and identify it’s opposite (trust, empathy, peace) and practice that emotions vibration.

If I think I am missing someone, or wanting something, I try to identify the feeling I associate with that memory, person, image and practice the vibration of that higher feeling vibration.

This helps me identify things I want (sort out contrast) and helps give the power away form external and directs it internal and, effervescent, self sufficient, abundant pure positive energy.

For example. When I think I miss my ex and it is painful, and I feel powerless and on the low emotional vibrational scale, I try to focus in on what feeling I thought she provided in that moment (happiness, safety, validation, security), and focus that feeling in my body, reminding itself that it IS that higher vibrational emotion. That THAT is what it is missing (alignment with it’s Self). And ease more easily into that vibrational frequency, raising higher up the scale.

Another example is when I have nightmares. I have had night terrors since childhood. They would haunt my whole day and effect my rest at night. After listening to Abraham Hicks talk about “closing the (vibrational) gap” regarding nightmares I tried identifying the feeling behind the night terrors…who would of thought the felling was terror (panic) helplessness abandonment, etc behind these night terrors.

It Sounds redundant and obvious, but prior to my increasing awakening, I would analyze, analyze, and analyze the night terrors- practicing the low energy vibrational feeling and thus shaming and blaming myself as a result of the analysis on the low frequency dominant vibration.

but now I am able to identify the feeling: terror. Identify it’s opposite: Safety and find an image, time, or some conceptualization/ expression (music, show, celebrity) of that higher flying feeling vibration and practice it. over and over again, until I change topics or move up the vibrational scale.

Thank you Byron Katie. Thank You Abraham, Esther-Jerry, and world

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